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Thursday, June 21, 2012


It's really fun to look back on your old work sometimes.  Though I am sure you will hopefully enjoy it as much as I do...

This look was created during my first winter break of my freshman year in college.  I had gotten more involved with Fine Arts at that point, which provided a different, but equally enriching, perspective on creativity and design. 

I still had not had any formal training in fashion design at the time, although it is just as fun to drape and experiment with different silhouettes and pattern layouts.  I had wanted to drape with the idea of a circular pattern shape at first, that changed in width, almost like a very subtle spiral. 

I'm not quite sure how this exact skirt design came about, but I loved working in a very unpredictable manner and letting a kind of innate design sense take over. 

 I wanted to create a skirt where the front and back are different designs, but can be worn both ways. 

I have thought a lot about whether or not I should sell this look on Etsy.  It is a product of much labor and love, and since it came about in a very un-calculated process, I am not sure I can fully re-create it.  Just like a fine work of art, it is indeed unique.  However, I have no place for it and I am always looking to the future of my creativity - on to bigger and better things.  I would also love for it to find another home where someone can appreciate it perhaps more than I do. 

So...any thoughts, my dear readers?   Part with it on Etsy or keep it for my personal archives?  Would you buy a dress like this?


  1. Very Beautiful!


  2. gorgeous dress! i feel the same about some of my old writing

  3. Beautiful dress! I really like the unique skirt!

  4. gorgeous dress :) you've got talent! i say put it on etsy for an expensive price! i think this would also look great in chiffon in coral ♥

  5. I like the idea of a skirt that can be worn both sides:) Thanks a lot for your nice commment.

  6. So pretty! While I'm sure someone would love to buy it on Etsy, I kind of think you should save it for your archives, so you can look back on your work and how it evolves over the years.

    Sea and Swank